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Benefits of Life Coaching

There are many benefits to coaching. I have had many successes coaching to individuals as well as organisations.

Through coaching I have successfully helped and motivated many individuals including vulnerable adults. My work and achievements with the latter led me to being featured in a company’s newsletter and being given a letter of personal congratulations as my work motivated these vulnerable adults to challenge their limits as well as raising a significant amount of money for the organisation involved.

Benefits of coaching to an individual:

  • Improving individual’s performance, targets and goals
  • Increased openness to personal learning and development
  • Greater ownership and responsibility
  • Development of self-awareness
  • Improvement of specific skills or behaviour
  • Greater clarity in roles and objectives
  • The opportunity to correct behaviour and/or performance difficulties

Benefits of coaching to an organisation:

  • Allows fuller use of an individual’s talents and potential
  • Demonstrates commitment to individuals and their development
  • Higher organisational performance and/or productivity
  • Increased creativity, learning and knowledge
  • Motivates people to achieve targets and goals
  • Facilitates the adoption of a new culture or management style
  • Improves relationships between people and departments as a whole

Life Coaching improves performance, targets and goals; helping individuals to reach their full potential.

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